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The River Valley Equality Center is a community organization committed to non-violent advocacy for the rights of all humans, with an emphasis on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities and other minority sexualities. RVEC is using a combination of visible action, education, and social support to change misinformed hatred and prejudice to acceptance and goodwill.

More regarding HB1570:

We deeply regret that, given the House's overriding of yesterday's veto of HB1570, trans youth will likely lose access to the lifesaving healthcare they need. There are moments in history when legislators have the chance to show where their principles lie, and at this moment, 71 Arkansas legislators have signaled that they have no problem with the teen suicides and self-harm to which this will inevitably lead.

While some of our legislators have shown ignorance and cowardice, we prefer to focus on the people who matter most to us: the trans youth who are the future. While the outcome of the legislation still remains uncertain pending lawsuits from outside parties, including the ACLU, we stand with and value trans youth as always. Please don't let this setback dim your light.

A word from the president

Unfortunate recent legislation in Arkansas has cast a wider light on our community -- especially the trans community. As a nonprofit, we can't officially advocate any particular political stance, but you can probably guess where we stand.

During the pandemic, we've had to discontinue our ordinary events, but we remain here for support, and we're so grateful to be able to provide that. Trans people especially around here are struggling, and we want you to know that we see and value you, and you are not alone. We're here to refer you to the help you need, to get you in touch with care providers or simply with the local community of others like you.

Given the recent legislation, we've seen unprecedented support from around the country in the form of warm thoughts and donations. We appreciate this more than we can say, and want to thank everyone who's showing their support for our community. As allies, you are the angels our community needs.

When we're all able to get together in person again, we plan to keep our efforts going to keep the community strong, healthy, and in good spirits. RVEC believes that trans rights are human rights.

Upcoming Events

Our in-person activities are on hiatus right now because of the pandemic, but we'll keep you posted about our plans as soon as we're safely able to hold events again!


Rally for Equality

We'll be holding a nonviolent Rally for Equality in front of the Garrison Post Office, Saturday, April 25th, 2-3:30pm. Bring yourself, a sign, and a friend, and show your support for the LGBTQ community in the River Valley and Arkansas!


Need immediate help?

We recommend the following services for crisis counseling:

Arkansas Crisis Hotline


The Trevor Project


Openarms Youth Project


Trans Lifeline


Email :

Call : (479) 274-0825

We promise that any personal information you provide via this page will remain safe and confidential!

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